GPS Dog Tracker, Anti Lost Collar GPS Cats Locator with Alarm for Pets Dog Vehicles Children Elderly Mini SOS Outdoor Navigation GPS Locator 4 Pieces

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Product Description This anti-loss device is a product based on Bluetooth 4.0 low energy technology. By using the “iSearching” APP software to connect with mobile devices such as cellphones via Bluetooth, the user can easily lose items and valuables (such as keys, Mobile Passes, etc.) are bundled together to realize the functions of recalling lost items and finding the mobile phone. It can also realize functions such as remote control photographing and recording (for example: group photo at a party, selfie, etc.). The effective operating distance of the device anti-lost can be up to 25 meters in open space. You can even use it on babies or pets. You never have to worry about losing them. It can be easily purchased in ultra-convenience. stores, and one button battery can work for more than six months. Product Features: 1. Object search function: Link the anti-loss device with valuables. When the device is connected to the mobile phone Bluetooth APP, use the APP search function to make

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