GPS Dog Tracker, Anti Lost Collar GPS Cats Locator with Alarm for Pets Dog Vehicles Children Elderly Mini SOS Outdoor GPS Navigation Tracking.(Blue)

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Customizable Geofence Zones The security fence system lets you know if your pet is in a security zone. You can define a safe zone, where you think the animal is safe and protected. Use the app to plot safe zones around your yard or favorite park, and get instant alerts when your dog has exceeded those boundaries. Real-Time Dog GPS Collar GPS Tracker Works with the system of GPS, WiFi, AGPS, LBS and long distance wireless technologies. Animals wearing the tracker can be precisely walked and traced. Tracking location is updated by sending SMS and it is displayed on APP and internet.Navigation accuracy is within 10 meters range.Always know your pet’s exact location with accurate GPS ! Easy to use The GPS tracker is easy to install and use. Just download the free app and follow the instructions. With the app, you can see your pet’s activities and locate its location at any time. With Remote Voice Monitor, you can call them home, reassure them when you’re away, and hear them answer. Note:

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