Gps dog tracker, anti loss gps collar cat locator, dog car with pet alarm, children and elderly mini sos outdoor gps navigation and positioning.

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The customizable geographic fence area security fence system allows you to know whether your pet is in a security area. You can set a security area where you think your pet is safe and protected. Use the application Keep track of the safe areas around your favorite yard or park and get instant alerts when your dog exceeds these limits The GPS dog collar real-time GPS tracker is used together with GPS, WiFi, AGPS, LBS and remote wireless technology systems. Animals with trackers can be tracked accurately. Tracking location is Update by sending a text message and display it on the app and the Internet. Navigation accuracy is within 10 meters. Always use accurate GPS to know the exact location of your pet Easy to use GPS tracker is easy to install and use. Just download the free application and follow the instructions. With this application, you can view your pet’s activities and locate its location at any time. With a remote voice monitor, you can call them at home, reassure

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