Glass Thermometer with Multi Colored Spheres in Fahrenheit and with Gold Tags 25*180+4 balls

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1.SCIENCE MEETS ART: The Galileo Thermometer is an example of utilizing scientific principle to create a useful artistic piece for day-to-day use. Designed with different colored spheres of varying densities, the thermometer is able to tell the temperature accurately. 2.EXCELLENT INDOOR THERMOMETER: 3.SAFE AND NON-TOXIC COMPONENTS: Each Galileo Thermometer fromis made of hand-blown glass and filled with a fluid in both the cylinder and the floats that is non-toxic, non-hazardous and absolute environmentally safe. It consists of an inert oil-hydrocarbon mixture similar to mineral oil. The cylinder walls material is laboratory grade glass that ensures absolute sturdiness. 4.A PERFECT GIFT IDEA: makes a wide array of products for every home and garden lover. Whether you’re looking for a perfect gift to spruce up your friend’s garden, or if you need a housewarming present, has something for everyone! 5.MAKE A HOUSE A HOME: offers beautifully designed clocks, dishware, garden decorations,

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