GDRHVFD Black, Xl Dog Collar For Large Dogs Wide Tactical Collars With Handle For Extra Large Breed Dogs, Thick Puppy Collar Nylon Pet Collar

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Product Description 1. RESISTANCE – 2″” wide and approx. 1/3″” thick tactical collar with 5 layers of military grade nylon, 6mm diameter stainless steel hardware, excellent tear resistance for all large dog breeds, especially heavy pullers. The pin buckle is more secure than the cobra buckle, without worry of your dog breaking it. 2. COMFORTABLE FOR YOU AND YOUR DOG – Our wide collars take pressure off the dog’s neck and are lined with neoprene for added comfort. A properly sized handle gives you extra control when training or hunting your dog. 4.FOR ALL STRONG BREEDS – Includes breeds like Great Danes, Mastiffs, Doberman Pinschers, Rottweilers, German Shepherds and others of similar size. Greyhounds, such as whippets and sighthounds, can also benefit from wide collars. Because their frames are so thin and they are significantly more fragile than other dogs, having extra padding and evenly distributing pressure across their throats helps prevent damage. 5. Sizing Options: Available in

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