For Dog Collars With Tracking Sound Cowbell Color With Nylon Strap Pet Collar Supplies

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1.Dog Collar Bells: You can dress up your pooch with these cute pet costume accessories; The number of pet collar bells is enough for daily use 2. Tracking noise: attach a bell to the animal’s collar with a leash; When the dog moves, the bell will make a clear sound, and you can get a rough idea of the dog’s direction and distance 3. Fine workmanship: the cowbell is made of iron combined with electroplating process, no rust, the belt is made of nylon, solid material; Dogs can use these bells for a long time 4. Multiple Applications: These dog collars are not only for dogs and cats, but also for goats, cows, sheep; The bells can also be used as a baby preschool, Christmas tree decoration, hiking and mountain biking accessory.

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