flannel, shawl collar, fleece, light and comfortable, for winter, for adults, size M

355,00 kr.

Til butik

Varenummer (SKU): 8554100519416795


These long and warm bathrobes are made of high-pile flannel, which keeps you warm for a long time in winter, skin-friendly, comfortable and warm. This bathrobe has two pockets for easy storage. use of your personal effects, such as a mobile phone, on a daily basis. The classic shawl collar design, the robes are designed with a belt to ensure that when you walk and bend over, the flannel robe will always be very stable. The long robe is longer than the medium robes , enough to wrap your calves, which can make you warmer, which is very suitable for long-term wear as home clothes. Easy to care for, easy to clean, machine washable, be careful not to bleach, do not wash with other clothes, please machine wash in warm water, tumble dry low. Wrapped in a soft flannel bathrobe and comfortable, it brings warmth in winter and is easy to relax. It is very suitable as a winter gift for lovers, the elderly, etc. Let them have a warm and comfortable winter, they will love it

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