Echoo – Puppy Collars Set of 12pcs 12 Colors Adjustable Identification ID Collar Self Adhesive Tape for Puppy

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“Product description Size: 9*10CM Color: white Material: SEBS Contents of the package: 2*silica gel followed by a protective cover 1. 【Heel Protection】Our heel protectors can be comfortably worn under socks or stockings with sneakers, shoes, boots or heels in everyday life. Our heel protectors for heel pain are made of siliconemedical grade. 2.【Shock absorption】A silicone heel protector provides compression protection for your plantar fasciitis, absorbs shock and supports the heel in case of heel pain. It also helps relieve pain caused by tendonitisof Achilles. Our heel pads lessen shock and impact on your aching feet – ideal for running, walking or standing 3.【Heel Pain Relief】Helps relieve severe heel pain and discomfort due to sore heels, heel spur treatment, bone spurs, sore feet, aches, stress fractures, feetbruised and sprained They can even help with extreme heel pain and swollen ankles 4.【Everyday Shoes】 Just stretch and slip the heel guards over your feet and you’ll feel

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