Echoo – Dog Anti Bark Collar, Vibration and Beep Anti Bark Collar Device for Large Medium Small Dogs, Adjustable Automatic Training Collar 7

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Does your furry friend bark too much? The MASBRILL anti-bark collar helps your dog stop barking. This allows you to welcome visitors with peace of mind and enjoy your night’s sleep at night. anti-bark collarsupports the dog to learn to stop the bark by vibration and beep. This training collar is not a shock and consists of a high quality nylon reflective tape, which makes the anti-bark collar animal friendlyand safe. This dog bark stopper responds immediately to your dog’s barking and ignores the barking of other dogs. There is no false alarm with this anti-bark collar thanks to the smart anti-bark chip that candistinguish between normal sounds and barking. Your dog gradually learns that barking is not good and will eventually obey without the collar. Anti-Bark Collar with 2 Training Modes – Beep & Vibration MASBRILL anti bark collar for small/large dog offers 2 Sound & Vibration with 7 adjustable progressive levels of stimulation, eliminating the risk of overcorrection. After

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