Ear Tag Pliers Livestock Animal Ear Tag Tool Plier Applicator Tagging Tagger Puncher Aluminium Alloy Ear Tag Caliper for Goat Sheep Lamb Cattle Pigs

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Description: Animal cattle ear tags are used by husbandman on ears to keep records of animal bloodlines, birth dates, vaccinations, and other animal information. This ear tag plier is an economical and practical tool for those who are farmers, cottagers, field master, etc. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, safe to use, anti-corrosion, durable, not easy to break. Features: [Premium Material] The ear tag plier is made from high-quality aluminum alloy, rust-resistant and reusable and will last for years. [Useful] Reusable ear tag applicator makes ear tag placement easier. Automatic lock, Easy to use, Saving time and effort. [Easy to Manage] Livestock identification ear tag, ideal for the information management of livestock and animals. [Comfortable Handle] Anti-slip human body mechanics designed handle is comfortable to use. And thickened spring for strong spring-back force and durability. [Widely Applicable] Fits most ear tags in the market, such as pig, dog, cow, horse, sheep,

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