Duux – Tag Ultrasonic Humidifier White

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The Duux Tag Ultrasonic Humidifier in white is a portable humidifier on legs. Recognisable for its brown leather tag, the Duux Tag can be easily transported from one room to another. With an effective area of up to 30m² it’s perfect for the office, bedroom, nursery or kitchen. Using ultrasonic technology, the Duux Tag produces an ultrafine cold mist and uses 80% less energy than traditional humidifiers. Even at the maximum mist output, the 2.5L water tank ensures up to 10 hours of continuous operation. When the water tank gets low a warning light indicates that it’s time to top up on water. Design – stylish wood laminated legs, a leather tag and an elegant curved shape give the Duux Tag a clean, modern and robust appearance. Quiet and efficient – the Duux Tag uses up to 80% less power than traditional steam humidifiers. It’s also exceptionally quiet – cold mist is created by ultrasonic sound vibrations that are inaudible to the human ear. The visible mist that’s generated is cold so

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