DP23 58mm Portable Thermal Printer Wireless Shipping Express Printer for Shipping Package Price Tag Labels USB NFC BT Connection Support ESC/POS

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Features: ♦ [Exclusive Label Maker] Supports 1D,2D bar-code printing, forms, graphics, fixed assets, T- shaped label printing which use as price labels, cable labels, jewelry labels, address label, folder labels or express delivery labels. Printing widths of all your labels including 57mm/50mm/45mm/40mm/38mm/35m/30m/25mm/20mm (2.3in/2in/1.8in/1.6in/1.5in/1.4in/1.2in/1in/0.8in). ♦ [Excellent Printing Performance] Up to 50mm/s printing speed, no need to wait, clear content and low voice label machine, plus 57mm maximum print width (Fittings with internal setting width need to be removed) offers you a Perfect work experience. ♦ [Powerful And User-Friendly Label Editing App] Perfectly support 1D and 2D Barcode printing, complying with international standards. Easy to import Excel tables for bulk printing: Support multiple printing contents: symbols, pictures, logo, graphics, etc…high-speed printing improves working efficiency. ♦ [Provide Various Platforms And User-Friendly Interfaces]

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