DOPA Dog Cat Anti-Bite Collar Adjustable Protection Comfort Tapered Recovery Collar Cute Sunflower Pattern Yellow (S)

198,00 kr.

Til butik


【Versatile】 : The comfortable tapered pet collar can prevent others from biting during dermatology/surgery, grooming or bathing, and prevent surgical wounds from licking/biting during the healing process, keeping your pet safe. Sufficient depth helps against cyclic licking, itching and scratching. 【Adjustable size】: The tightness is easy to adjust according to the actual size of the animal. Easy to clean and dry. With an adjustable tape, it is easy to put on and take off and easily adjusts to your pet’s size. The cut-out design maximizes breathability and lightness. 【Appropriate size】: The small recycling cone is suitable for cats between 1.8-5.4 kg, the best neck circumference is 19-23 cm and the depth is 10 cm. Pets can eat, sleep and drink normally. Please carefully measure your pet’s neck circumference and the size of their neck to muzzle size to ensure they are the right size and protective. Suitable for cats and puppies. 【comfort and mobility】: The recovery collar’s soft and

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