Dog Training Collar, With 1000 Meter Distance and Waterproof

428,00 kr.

Til butik

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Product Features: 1: Dual functions of dog training and bark control, one-key switching of dog training and bark control function bark control (3 seconds), convenient operation 2: 1000 meters remote control distance, low price, high performance 3: The receiver is small and exquisite (45g), the product has electric shock, buzzer, vibration, flashlight, automatic bark control mode 4: A tow mode three: The remote control can control 3 receivers at the same time to train three dogs, the product is equipped with a receiver, please contact customer service if you have need more 5: 100 speed adjuster, which can adjust the static electricity and vibration of the receiver 6?: IPX6 waterproof grade, large capacity lithium battery, receiver?: 650mAh, transmitter?: 300mAh Coding method: 1: short press the receiver to power on, long press the power button for 3S, the red light flashes . 2: Within the effective range, press any key of the transmitter sound, vibration or electric shock to match the

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