Dog Training Collar, Rechargeable Electric Collar with Manual Control 900 Meters Range and 7 Levels of Adjustable Sound/Vibration/Shock Mode, IP67

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Dog Training Collar has 3 effective training modes – Sound, Vibration and Electric Shock. Electric shock and vibration modes (intensity) and sound mode (number of beeps) are adjustable according to your needs from 0 to 7 levels by pressing the UP(+)/DOWN(-) buttons. Manual Control Range 900 Meters – The unobstructed range between the remote control and the receiver is up to 900 Meters, allowing you to easily train your dog indoors as well as outdoors. Stronger and more stable signal gives you more freedom to train your dog outdoors. Water Resistant Receiver – The receiver is IP67 certified, it is made of excellent waterproof material. It allows your dog to bathe freely with the collar, you can wash it or use it in the rain. This resistance allows you to train your dog in any weather condition. Rechargeable and Adjustable Collar – The remote control and receiver have lithium-ion batteries, which allows them to have a long lifetime (2 hour recharge for 20 days of use). This dog training

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