Dog Training Collar – Electric Dog Collar, with Beep Vibra Shock Waterproof and Rechargeable Dog Training Collar 300 Meter Electric Dog Collar for

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300 Meters Remote Range: Operates within a distance of 300 Meters. The range will vary depending on terrain, weather, vegetation, as well as transmission from other radio devices.

Multi-Dog System: This system can be used to control 2 dogs with one transmitter just need to purchase additional receiver collars and add them to your system. WaterproofThis product is waterproof , so you can use it in the rain. But it cannot be used when swimming because not all parts are waterproof. Baby Features: 1. Four main functions: sound warning, vibration, electric shock, light signal. 2. Signal mode: vibration, beep and light. 3. Remote control plus LED flashlight. The classic remote control digital display design, the receiver has become more compact 4. The remote control distance is 300 meters (in the case of an open space and no radio interference), but the distance through the wall may be shortened. 5. Vibration and electrostatic pulse stimulation, each mode has 100 gears to adjust the

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