Dog training collar 800 meters with shock and vibration IP67 waterproof

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Very practical dog training collar: used by professional trainers and pet owners. Can be used to help train and correct barking, running, biting, jumping, digging, biting, fighting and attacking pets SAFETY AND TRAINING MODES MULTIPLE: The collar offers 4 functional modes. The sound mode will emit a warning sound. Light mode helps find your pet at night or in the bushes. The vibration modes can be adjusted from 0-99 for different sensations, ensuring that one of the modes is right for your dog 800m range and water resistant: the electric collar collar has a range of up to 800m without obstruction, the 100% waterproof dog collar can train your dog in water, you can also take your dog to the beach and the sea. SECURITY: 2 pairs of soft conductive sleeves are provided to fit the dog’s hair length, protecting your dog from skin damage. Adjustable collars up to 70cm allow you to choose the most comfortable size for your dog. Sets for dogs over 9 kg Auto Power Save: Auto sleep option saves

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