Dog Tags, Bone ID Tag for Dog, Engraved Bone Shaped Pet ID Dog Tags, DIY Engraved Cat Dog ID Tags, Personalised Pet Identity Name Tags, Blank Dog tag

82,00 kr.

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Excellent quality: Our dog tags are made of high-quality zinc alloy, wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, anti-corrosion and moisture-proof. (Note: The dog tag is blank, custom name and mobile number are not supported) High-quality engraving: Our dog tags are engraved by a high-quality engraving machine. The pattern of each dog tag is perfect, and the color is high-definition and bright.currently does not support DIY A set of multiple colors: Our dog tags are purple, blue, red, black, white, pink, they will be sold together with you! The perfect gift for pets: In addition to receiving food, your pet should also have a special brand for it! This is the best gift for your pet! Suitable for medium/large pets: These zinc alloy dog tags are suitable for most pets.

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