Dog Prong Training Collar, Dog Choke Collar with Snap Buckle, No Pull Dog Collar for Medium and Large Breed Dogs (4.0mm*60cm)

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[UNIQUE SET OF DOG PRONG COLLARS] The package of dog clip collars comes with 1 nylon protector. It is effective and safe with no side effects, no electric shock or injury to your pets. [SCIENTIFIC TRAINING TOOL] Spiked dog collar can help you teach your dog basic obedience and commands. The dog claw training collar is designed to provide needed stress training. No need to yell at a dog or punish it. Simply pull the dog’s choke collar and the dog will stop immediately. [STRONG AND EASY TO USE] The dog pinch collar is made of high-strength chrome-plated stainless steel recommended by trainers. The dog prong collars have silver coating for the links which can provide a stable using period for your dogs. Plus, the martingale string glides smoothly for easy correction. [SAFE AND SAFE] The prong dog collar has a smooth surface and a round head. Equipped with a comfortable elongated rubber cover, the choke collar for large breed dogs provides the necessary training pressure while protecting

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