Dog Prong Training Collar, Dog Choke Collar with Snap Buckle, No Pull Dog Collar for Medium and Large Breed Dogs (4.0mm*60cm)

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[UNIQUE SET OF DOG PRONG COLLARS] The package of dog clip collars comes with 1 nylon protector. It is effective and safe with no side effects, no electric shock or harm to your pets. [SCIENTIFIC TRAINING TOOL] Spike collar for dogs can help you train your pet dog obedience and basic commands. The dog claw training collar is designed to provide needed stress training. No need to yell at a dog or punish it. Simply pull the dog choke collar and the dog will stop immediately. [STRONG AND EASY TO USE] The dog pinch collar is made of high-strength chrome-plated stainless steel recommended by trainers . The dog prong collars have silver coating for the links which can provide a stable using period for your dogs. In addition, the martingale chain slides smoothly for easy correction. [SAFE AND SAFE] The prong dog collar has a smooth surface and a round head. Equipped with a comfortable extended rubber cover, the Choke Collar for Large Breed Dogs provides the necessary training pressure while

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