Dog dressing collar, 250 meter range and keyboard safety lock, electric necklace with sound modes, vibration and shock, water-resistant IP67 and

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This dog training collar has 3 efficient modes: its standard, vibration can be adjusted from 0 to 8 and electric shock that can be adjusted from 0 to 16 by pressing the up / down button. 250 meter range: It helps you control the animal within a radius of up to 250 meters. You can use it anywhere, whether in your garden, a park or even at the beach. This dog training necklace is safe, comfortable and effective for dogs over 4 kg. Keyboard and rechargeable safety lock: This protects your dog by avoiding involuntary corrections. Water resistant receiver: The dressage collar receiver is IP67, which allows your dog to swim and take showers while keeping the necklace on it. It also means that you can draw your dog in any type condition. By using the dressage collar normally, most of the bad dog behaviors can be corrected, or to simply teach him Basic obedience commands. It can also be used to dissuade behaviors like jumping on people, dig holes or run after other animals. Recommended steps

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