Dog Collar Light for Night Walking – Dog Night Light Clip Flash Led Waterproof Pet Walking Light

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1.3 Flashing Modes — This LED dog collar light has 3 flashing modes for different flashing speeds: slow, fast and gradient. To switch between the different modes, simply press the button on the back. 2. Glow in the dark – This light up pet tag has 3 super bright LED beads in different colors. These features make your pet more visible and recognizable in dark environments, bringing your pet’s safety to the next level at night. 3. Reliable and waterproof – This pet safety beacon light is made of high quality plastic material. Its design is drop, shock and water resistant to work in challenging environments. 4. Super easy to use – This night walking light is easy to use. The battery is pre-installed. Simply attach the carabiner to your pet’s collar, harness or vest and press the power button on the back. To change the flashing mode or turn off, just press and hold the power button.

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