Dog Collar Holder, Silicone Anti-Lost Tracking Accessory for Puppies and Pets

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The product description 1. [collar size – Please note] Measure your pet’s neck before purchase, measure your pet’s lower neck, keep one finger between their neck and the tape, and always leave plenty of room to breathe. And choose the suitable collar for your pet according to the size list. 2. [Apple Integrated Design] Our adjustable dog/cat collar is specially designed for Apple. Compared with other accessories/cats, our integrated dog collar and support box are more economical, and there is no need to purchase the dog/cat collar and box separately. (Note: not included) 3. [Easy and Comfortable, Versatile] Unique design silicone light-emitting cat collar holder, comfortable to use, will not damage pet’s hair and fur. A specially designed metal buckle, two fixed buckles and an anti-tail buckle, effectively prevent pets from falling off the leash when running. GPS tracking for dogs, cats, children, parents. 4. [Set of 2 Protective Films] We provide 2 free protective films compatible

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