Dog Bone Shaped Silicone Mold Dog Bone Keychain Charms Epoxy Resin Molds Dog Tag Casting Molds with Hole for DIY Crafts Large Size Rose 4 PCS

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Package includes: You will get 4 large dog bone shape silicone molds. The large dog bone shape silicone mold is made of high quality silicone. high quality, soft, durable and not easily deformed. Size: the same as the picture. Easy to use: pour resin into a silicone mold to create crafts. You can add glitter, small dried flowers, trinkets or embellishments to the silicone mold, create your own unique crafts. friends. Warm Notes: Please clean the large size dog bone shape silicone mold with soapy water or water before using, it will prevent dust from d have an effect on your crafts.

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