Dog Anti Bark Collar, Lemongrass Spray Dog Anti Bark Collar, Adjustable Dog Training Collar for Small/Medium/Large Dog

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Description 2 color as shown Size:5*3.5*4cmWeight:160gramm dog and emit a lemongrass spray to effectively stop loud barking and other unwanted dog behaviors such as digging, chewing furniture and fighting. is safer and more humane, no pain for dogs throughout the training. lemongrass for dogs have adopted the most advanced bark detection chip. only by your dog’s barking and will ignore dog head shakes, barking from other dogs and other noises. No more false triggers from the anti-bark collar, the training process will be more efficient. adjustable spray nozzles】É Although dogs have different barking frequencies and temperaments, our Dog Bark Control Collar offers different spray volume and sensitivity levels. adjustable, you can choose the most suitable way to train your dogs.The main device has large capacity, allow to spray at least 30 times after being ; filled with lemongrass.【Suitable for Dogs of Different Sizes】Our dog bark collars are adjustable in length, suitable for dogs

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