Dog Anti Bark Collar, Anti Runaway Collar with Capsule, Rechargeable Electric Collar, Automatic Training Collar 5 Vibration Levels Rain Snow Mud Proof

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EFFECTIVE Say goodbye to neighborhood problems and altercation with other dog owners, waking up the baby with our anti bark dog collar. Perfect for small dog, large dog training collar, electric dog collar. Gradual triggering as the bark progresses SEVERAL ADVANTAGES IN 1 product; with the capsule attached to the collar, insert your contact details to prevent your pet from running away, his medication to take, or a message! No need for an expensive anti-runaway solution for dogs thanks to the dog collar wireless escape device RECOGNITION the collar reacts only to the barking of the dog and not to those of other dogs 5 levels of adjustment for training, instructions for use in French, dog vibration collar. This training and anti-barking collar uses technology that differentiates perceived barking from that of your dog ECONOMIC, rechargeable and automatic anti-bark collar, save money and take care of the planet! anti-bark collar for small and medium dogs. This rechargeable dog training

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