Denuotop – Dog Bark Collar, automatic training collar with sound / vibration / shock modes, 7 sensitivity levels, rechargeable and waterproof for

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OUTSIDE AND COMFORTABLE, TRAIN YOUR DOG WITHOUT INJURY; Bark Collar with 3 Vibrations; Sensitivity; Electroshock modes will encourage your dog to discard these bad habits without hurting your pet. EFFECTIVE ANTI-BARK, FAR FROM COLLING NEIGHBORS.The training collar with sensitive dog bark system adjusts quickly according to the 7-step setting as needed and allows the dog to learn correct behavior without the neighbors complaining. Br> EASY OPERATION, SUSTAINABLE USE.The automatic collar is easy to use, no remote control. You need to put it on your dog after setting the level. If you fully charge the collar in 1 hour, the battery life is 10 days and lasts a very long time. Br> ADJUSTABLE GUARD FOR DOGS OF ALL SIZES.The fairly strong and durable adjustable nylon strap fits all small to large dogs. except that the necklace with the special design of reflective function is fashionable and practical. Our advice: It is important that you start your collar with the lowest level of stimulation

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