Comfortable post-surgery collar for cats and dogs, robust, waterproof, resistant to scratches and bites, easy to clean, with adjustable clip

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With its padded collar, this collar offers an excellent alternative to rigid and ugly cone-shaped collars. Give your pet this adorable soft and light collar that allows him to move freely. Ideal for taking beautiful post-operative selfies with your pooch. Perfect for allowing dogs and cats to recover without stress. Animals have a natural tendency to bite or lick their wounds. The comfortable collar of is ideal to prevent them. It prevents your pet from scratching his wounds or stitches. It is also ideal for animals with skin problems, or as a grooming collar. Care for your pet by providing comfort. Vet tested and recommended for the quick recovery of your friends. Optimal visibility and comfort: The collar does not reduce your pet’s peripheral vision or ability to drink and eat. Increased comfort thanks to the soft fabric edge. This collar allows the animal to lay its head in any position and does not make it ugly. Very resistant collar, waterproof and easy to use. This collar is

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