Collars for Cats Dogs Adjustable Comfort Protection Collar Postoperative Collar Recovery Anti-Bite Protection (Orange, m)

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medium collar with adjustable circumference 15-35 cm. Suitable for cats and small dogs such as teddies, poodles, corgis etc. 【Size M is suitable for cats between 3 – 6 kg.】 PROTECTS YOU AND YOUR PET – The recovery collar prevents your pet from biting and licking after an operation or injury. It also provides excellent protection during bathing, nail trimming and general body care. SOFT FABRIC – Made from high quality PP cotton filling, it is soft and lightweight to ensure your pet’s comfort. Your pet can use the collar as a pillow to rest on while wearing it, without getting tired. NON DISTURBING – The recovery collar does not block your pet’s view and does not not interfere with their normal feeding, saving you from having to remove the collar when feeding. CUTE SHAPE – The cute fruit shape brings more fun to your pet and to your life. Ideal for photo shoots, parties, Halloween or Christmas parties and fun cat photos.

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