Cat Rehabilitation Suit For Abdominal Wounds Or Skin Diseases, Wearing After Surgery, Anti-Leak Injury, Electronic Cat Collar Replacement, Rose, L.

162,00 kr.

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Cassette Cloth – Gentle Cats restore breath, light, ; moisture, so your cat is at ; comfortable and helps resume healing safely. security. Comfort and Safety – Surgical clothing is ; Queen Elizabeths perfect alternative for resolving abdominal wounds and skin diseases. By maintaining the safety of the wound, it is protected, which improves capacity ; activity, reduces pressure, which accelerates the risk ; increased infections. Its hard to escape – we are improving the design of this cat surgery, making it suitable for pets, making them reluctant to escape. Pets can lie down comfortably, which means that if you can block something, your cats can eat and drink freely. Easy to use – Larger opening at ; rear allows cat ; use the cat sandbox without opening the rescue service and does not need ; to be rolled up. Keep your pet comfortable and flowing. Floor protection is damaged by stains, beds and rugs. – Targeting a warm high and acting as a fear pack to restore your pet cat. Pay

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