Cat Recovery Collar Comfortable Pet Collar Protective Collar Cone Collar with Adjustable Buckle for Dog (Light Blue, XS)

103,00 kr.

Til butik


[Ease and comfort]:Our tapered pet collar is round and flat donut shape, which will not block the pet’s view too much or affect its activities, such as walking, sleeping, eating, etc. Reduce discomfort, restraint and stress, these soft cat recovery collars are more comfortable to wear. [Protect Well]:The larger width cone protection collar can well prevent pets from licking or tearing their wounds, spreading their skin diseases such as ringworm, etc. By wearing the anti-bite recovery collar, they will be a little more peaceful. Good for your cat to recover quickly after an injury. [Adjustable Size]:There are adjustable ties in the middle of the protective pet collar. 4 sizes including XS: adjustment range from 10 to 18 cm, weight less than 2 kg. S: The adjustment range is 12-22cm, 2-5kg. M: The adjustment range is 16-29cm, 5-10kg. L: The adjustment range is 19-36cm, 10-15kg. [2 types]:We offer adjustable pet cone collar in 2 different colors and patterns. Light blue e-collars are

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