Cat necklace compatible with air tag, adjustable chat necklace with bell and tag air support and safety loop

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[specially designed for air labels] Our collar of cat air labels is equipped with a case of elastic air labels which firmly holds the air label, does not slip On the cat’s neck, protects your label equipment air and prevents the air label from falling or hanging. It allows you to easily find the location of your pet. [Suitable for small animals] Adjustable length, from 8.7 to 13.8 inches, you can easily find the comfortable size for cats. & nbsp; The strap measures 0.4 inch wide, and they don’t even care that it is hung on its cat necklace with a clip of air label no longer has scratches or irritation [safe and friendly materials] This cat necklace is made of nylon Well sewn and does not scratch the cat’s skin or cause no allergy. & nbsp; The light support for the air label is made of flexible liquid silicone, and your cat will feel good to wear it for long periods. [Keeping Track Pety Easy] Our air label cat collar is fitted with a robust loop that facilitates the loosening and

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