Cat Harness And Leash Set Ultra Light Kitten Collar Soft And Comfortable

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Ultra-light: The entire belt weighs less than 60 g, the weight of a car key. Freedom of movement for your cat while running – great. 360 harness around chest and back: The pressure on the chest is even and secure to prevent pulling and choking and to protect the cat from damage to the fragile trachea and to keep the neck pain free. Seam added on the chest: to better fit the cat’s neck and chest. This makes it appear three-dimensional. This cat harness prevents hair loss, has soft edges and elastic padding to prevent injuries and breakouts. High elasticity and dry: light filling material, moisture absorption, quick drying, odor reduction, robust, wear-resistant and high elastic properties. Size: S: Chest size: 23-28 cm and weight: 13 kg size M: Chest size: 28-33 cm and weight: 34.5 kg size L: Chest size: 33-38 cm and weight: 4.5-7 kg.

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