Cat Cone Collar Stop Licking Adjustable Ribbing Neck Recovery Collar

95,00 kr.

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Description: Pet anti-licking collar for cat’s recovery. It has a flat round shape, soft ribbing neck, and adjustable drawstring. It allows the cat to eat and drink while wearing it. Features: STOP LICKING: Cat collar prevents the cat from licking the wounds while allowing the cat to eat and play. It fits for injury recovery, trimming the nails, or daily grooming. ADJUSTABLE: with an adjustable drawstring cord, it provides a comfortable fit. RIBBING: Ribbing fabric at the neck area keeps a soft feeling. EASY CLEANING: Polyester fabric is lightweight and easy to clean. BUILT-IN METAL: Built-in metal ring at the outer edge keeps the collar in a round shape. FOR CATS: It fits cats or puppy dogs with a neck girth within 9.8″/25cm, and 13.8″/35cm. Specifications: Color: Light Blue / Turquoise / Pink (optional) Size: M / L (optional) Material: Polyester, Metal Weight: Approx. 36-44g / 1.3-1.6oz Package List: 1 * Collar

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