Cat Anti-Strangulation Collar 9 Pcs Adjustable Collar for Cat Kitten Puppy with Bell and Safety Buckle Fits Most Household Cats 7.5-12.7 Inches

173,00 kr.

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Measurement of the neck of dogs and cats: 1 inch wide, adjustable range 7.5-12.5 inches, adjustable neck 35-20 inches, recommended for small dogs and cats. Please measure your dog and cat’s neck circumference before ordering. [Classic] – This dog collar is a classic and elegant collar with 18 color combinations to help you find the perfect collar for your dog and cat. This material is durable, dry, soft and super soft The original designer footprint pattern and cute collar give your pet a unique personality and make the print look like your dog or cat. Very suitable for lively bitches and cats, making your pets more adorable and charming Show your love to stray dogs and can not use dog collars when your dog grows up. Please cut the elastic and remove the tag engraved with your personal information and then return it to your local animal shelter. This dog collar can be given as a simple gift. It’s pretty cool. Thank you for your understanding [Bell accessory] The bell lets you know

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