Cat and Dog Collar Tapered Collar Bite Protection Tapered Collar Dog Cat Puppy Injury Collar Adjustable Neck Cone Protector Non-woven Lightweight

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Protective Pet Collar Lightweight Material: The Elizabethan collar is made of high quality EVA material, which is lightweight and won’t strain your cute pet. The soft material will make them feel comfortable. Protective Collar Protection: Avoid scratches and bites, sutures, rashes and wounds. It is very suitable for pets to recover after surgery or injury. Helps overcome itching, the itch cycle. Put an end to damage or mutilation from self-inflicted wounds Unique tapered collar design for cats and dogs: the button design allows pet owners to fasten the collar in place and prevent it from being pulled or dropped, but it may not cover all parts of the animal’s body. Pet owners should be careful at first because pets may bite the collar Pets protect themselves Pets: Pet cones can prevent your pets from biting each other and licking wounds after surgery or injury. It also provides good protection for bathing, nail trimming and other beauty occasions

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