Cat Airtag Collar With Bells, Pet Airtag Collar With Waterproof Airtag Holder And Safety Clasp

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1. Put Airtag in this cat collar with holder to create a lightweight tracking collar for your cat. The air tag holder is easy to insert into your air tag device, this apple air tag collar is suitable for you to take your pet hiking, climbing, jogging, going to the park or just walking down the street, let him play freely 2. There is a tag box outside the cat’s collar, no need to buy an extra tag holder for the cat’s collar. This Apple Air Tag Collar will prevent your cat from chewing air tags or shaking 3. The collar has a detachable safety buckle design, which is easy to release when pulled hard – making it safer for your pet to run around the house 4.【Reflective Collar】The design of the reflective nylon kitten collar allows your pet to be seen in the dark environment, if your pet is wearing an air tag device, you can track the location at any time without worrying about losing it

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