Cable Tag, 0~9 Number Coded Digital Cable Label Clip, C Type Plastic Colorful Cable Marker, Anti-loose(2.5mm² 100Pcs)

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【Internal Dental Anti-Slip】This numbered tube adopts C-type concave design, firmly fixed on the line you need to arrange, and not easy to fall off. 【Dual Purpose Plug-in】Snap design, no need to worry about simple and convenient cable operation with crystal head or terminal installed. 【Clear Writing】High-quality hot stamping, strong environmental adaptability and excellent character resolution for long-term use, not easy to fade. 【10 Colors】10 colors represent 10 different numbers. When in use, the jumpers are better distinguished to identify each data line and network cable, which greatly reduces working time and improves efficiency for personnel checking and repairing later.

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