BR-Vie Universal Ear Tag Clip with Replacement Pin for Cattle, Cow, Pig, Goat, Sheep

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It is made of good quality steel, which is durable and ensures lasting sharpness after use; it is anti-rust; it is impact resistant and corrosion resistant. Easy to use, good helper for animal marking. Non-slip handle designed by mechanics – Smoother non-slip marking. It is safe for your pets, you can use the clip to carry it easily. Suitable for pets, such as pig, dog, cow, horse, sheep, rabbit, etc. . Product specifications: 23.5cm Product material: fine aluminum alloy Product use: used to wear animal ear tags Features product: SIO9001 quality management system certification: 2008, using high quality aluminum alloy materials, stainless steel center rod, the most economical ear tag, one time needle removal, repeated use no less than 2000 times. The color green Quantity delivered: 1 piece

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