BR-Life Safety Reflective Luminous Bag Pendant Tag For Running Commuter Biking Dog Walking Jogging High Visibility Sports Equipment Adults Kids Bag

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High quality material: Highly reflective at night and visible during the day, greatly increasing your safety The best safe accessories for your bag – Lightweight with high visibility LED to improve visibility. Also a best decoration for your bag. Powerful running and all outdoor activities such as running, cycling, running, jogging, biking, motorcycling, dog running, hiking. roller, tracker, work on the construction site, road safety, etc. Better protection and safety: ideal for men and women. Hang your backpack to avoid losing it. Provide the best protection for you and your family Product Information Width: 3.5cm Length: 25.5 cm Surface: Cold-resistant reflective mesh Battery: 3V 2032 button battery LED: Super Bright LED + Light Guide Bar Combination Product Details Reflecting Distance: Visible 200 Meters Cold Resistance: -10 degrees and -30 degrees High temperature resistance: 80 degrees Celsius Washing: remove LED suit and wash with water How to use: tie arm or tie pants Quantity

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