Blank Jewelry Price Label Stickers Jewelry Price Tag Self Adhesive Barbell Label Rectangle Necklace Price ID Label (200 Pieces)

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Stylish Design: This label is designed in a rectangular shape with enough surface for you to write easily; What’s more, you just need to gently tear the sticker on the adhesive surface and put the 2 ends together, which is convenient and quick to use; Our products bring you a comfortable shopping experience Size information: the unfolded length of this tag is 2.3 inch/ 6 cm and the width is 0.47 inch/ 1.2 cm; When the 2 ends are put together, the length is also 1.1 inch; The size is appropriate, and when you use it, it will not affect the appearance of the item Quality Materials: The jewelry tags are made of self-adhesive copper plate, using bottomless paper and double-sided adhesive. It has strong tensile strength and good adhesion and will not fall off easily; Lightweight, strong and durable Wide Uses: This product not only can be applied to display the price and quantity of jewelry, etc., you can also use it for daily use, to mark or sort items; Use this label sensibly to make your

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