BJZEP 100 Plastic Cable Tie Tags for Clothing Shoes Handbag Assorted Colors Cable Tie Tags Self-Locking Brand Labels Transportation Labels Logistics

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High Quality: This colored collar is made of high quality PP plastic, safe and reliable, good insulation, not easy to age, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good toughness, strong and durable. Size: The total length of this colorful collar tag is 25cm. The label size is 2 * 4 cm / 0.78 * 1.5 inch. Moderate size can provide good safety protection for shoes, clothes and other items. Easy to Use: This colorful cable tie tag is easy to use and easy to lock. The tag attachment is a barb and the head is a tag tag. It has a certain load-bearing capacity and provides good protection for the safety of shoes, bags and clothes. Safety Guarantee: The tape label can effectively prevent customers from changing or replacing the goods when they are returned. It can increase the security of any container or cabinet to ensure that unused or damaged items can be removed with scissors. Widely used: color tags are used to mark shoes, clothing tags, carton tags, shelf tags, and luggage

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