Bird Insect Barrier Mesh with Cord Garden Insect Netting Plant Cover Protects Fruit Flowers from Insect Bird Eater Bugs, Comes with Cover Plant Tag

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Ideal for protecting plants from pests, birds, squirrels and other animals, full protection without harming other animals Barrier net with drawstring, easy to use, suitable for all plants, just choose the right size , put the insect net on the tree or plant, then tighten the rope to make it windproof, with the clip, you can fix it more firmly DURABLE UPPER MATERIAL: The barrier net is made of high quality PE fabric with fine holes, which is strong and durable for long term use. Ideal for indoor and outdoor gardening, protect your plants, vegetables from insects, animals and birds such as citrus fruits. , garden trees, tomatoes, planter systems and shrubs that protect plants from pest insects and birds. These plant protection nets are large enough to sit completely over the plants without bagging all the fruit. Size options: 1*0.7M and 1*1.4M

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