Bird Harness Adjustable, Anti-Bite Adjustable Harness and Leash for Birds African Gray Parrot Cockatoo Yellow Collar Parakeet Cockatiel Elegant, xs,

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Strong and Sturdy: Parrot flying leash made of high quality nylon rope, you only need a little patience and plenty of food, almost any bird can train to wear it. chew-proof and bite-resistant, Parrot Leash is a must-have for people who like to take birds out. Self-adjusting elastic leash: no buckles or clips. Adjust the harness with a single slider. When the bird crawls and flies, it automatically adjusts from chest to back. The efficient design can reduce bird pressure contact points. S: The length of the head is 6.5cm, the height from the head to the body is 6.8cm and the length of the elastic is 120cm and the diameter is 2mm. The length of the nylon rope is 46 cm, the width is 1 cm and the total length of the rope is 176 cm; The color red Quantity delivered: 1 piece

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