Bicycle Support Bicycle Accessories, Bicycle Tracker Silicone Case, Bicycle Support Compatible with Air Tag Protective Cover Child Bracelet GPS

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? ?Bike mount? Specially designed to hold an airtag, can be used universally on any bike by attaching it under the saddle. ? ?Strong hold? Accessories & nbsp; The protective cover keeps them in place and barely falls off. You no longer have to worry about losing items. ? ?Adjustable silicone strap? The 17cm long silicone strap has good elasticity and can be cut to required length if needed. ? ?High quality material? The material of the cover & nbsp; is soft, flexible, safe and environmentally friendly. The weight is almost negligible. ? ?Wide applications? It can also be hung on children’s wrists, pets or bags. If it is lost or stolen, it can be tracked and recovered. Note & nbsp;

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