Automatic Dog Bark Control Collar with Smart Bark Control, Effective Shock Vibration Sound, 4 Sensitivity LE vels with LE d Indicator, IP67

213,00 kr.

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4 Adjustable Sensitivity Levels & LED Indicator: The anti-bark collar has 4 sensitivity levels that can effectively detect barking from dogs of all sizes. Select a sensitivity level based on your dog. 4 being the most sensitive, and 1 the least sensitive. LED indicators let you know what level you’re on, what mode, and even battery status when it’s low. Intelligent training mode and automatic protection system: Both training modes are Sound + Vibration and Sound + Vibration + Shock. The anti bark collar for dogs does not need a remote control. In the second mode (with shock), the collar will make 6 corrections, pause for 2 minutes and then resume again. Better management of interference: The anti-bark collar is equipped with a smart sensor which works in tandem with a chip to effectively detect the barking of the dog wearing it, while filtering out interference. The collar is only activated when the dog wearing it barks, and this very quickly. Rechargeable and IP67 waterproof: Low

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