Anti-Bite Protection Cone Collars, Wound Collar Adjustable Neck Cone Protector, Post-OP Healing Collar Accelerate Wound Healing l Black

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【Don’t Stress Anymore with the Comfy Cone】The large dog cone is made from a soft polyester blend fabric filled with plush cotton designed to keep your pet’s ultimate comfort in mind. > 【Safety】Ideal for pet recovery after surgery or injury. Helps overcome the itch, itch-scratch cycle. Ends self-inflicted aggravation or dismemberment of the wound. 【Material】Made of high quality lightweight PVC, it is very light! The soft fabric edge makes it breathable and comfortable. Won’t tire out your lovely pets and it’s easy to clean! 【Won’t crack or break like plastic】 With common plastic dog cones, there’s always the fear that it will crack or break if your pet sinks or falls into something. 【Multiple Usage】 It is perfect for hobbies, surgery and care to defend your friend against the deterioration of the healing wound or injury, protect for a bath and cut nails or cut hair.

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