Anti Bark Dog Collar Intelligent Induced Electric Shock Black

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Effective anti-bark dog collar with a sensitive system, away from collapsible neighbors. The dog bark quickly adjusts to the setting on your demand, let the dog learn what is the correct behavior, no complaints from neighbors Easy to use. use, no remote control. Sie müssen es Ihrem Hund nach der Niveauanpassung anlegen. ADJUSTABLE STRAP FOR ALL DOGS – Strong and durable nylon adjustable strap for all small dogs; Otherwise, the dog collar with the special reflex function design is at your disposal. modisch und praktisch. Learn more Stop the barking two in one. The barker gives a warning after the dog barks and generates a weak electric shock when the dog continues barking for the third time for about 3 minutes. After barking again, the dog was warned that he would not dare to bark again.

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