Anti Bark Collar for Dogs, Automatic Collar with 7 Levels of Sensitivity, 0-8 Levels of Vibration, Electric Shock and Sound Modes, IP67 Water

281,00 kr.

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3 Effective Training Modes: Dog bark control collar with 3 modes – vibration, electric shock and sound. Electric shock and vibration modes can be adjusted from 0 to 8 levels by pressing the mode button. Level 8 is the highest, level 0 means this mode is off. Depending on your dog’s nature and behavior, you can freely combine these modes to make your dog stop barking. 7 Adjustable Sensitivity Levels: The anti-bark collar has 7 sensitivity levels that can effectively detect barking from dogs of all sizes. Select the appropriate sensitivity level based on your dog or the environment at the time. Level 7 is the most sensitive and level 1 is the least. The LED screen is very practical to see which mode is activated, with its intensity. Automatic and intelligent collar: The collar works in automatic mode without remote control. This anti-bark collar will stop working for 2 minutes if it triggers more than 6 times in 1 minute. This mode aims to protect your dog and give him time to calm

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