Animal Microchip Pet Tag Scanner ID Reader RFID EMID Animal Handheld Reader USB Connect 128 Informations Storage Function OLED Screen 134.2kHz

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Features: ?? The device is connected via Wireless 2.4G,the tag data will be uploaded to the receiving device in real time, and the wireless connection symbol will be displayed in the upper right corner of the screen after inserting the receiver. ?? The machine has its own storage function, which can store up to 128 pieces of label information Can be uploaded to computer via USB cable. And Read response time 8cm; 30mm animal ear mark > 20cm (related to label performance) ?? Great Gift for Pet Owner. Once a pet is lost, people can contact the pet owner through the label on our website. Tools with microchips can implant chips into animals. Specification: Model: W90B Color: White, Black (Optional)

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